Blog Award, Thich Nhat Hanh, and ‘Dear Ones’

I was checking my email before heading off to do my night routine, when I saw that Julie from nominated me for the Liebster Blog award.  Liebster means “dearest.” 

Julie’s kind words made my heart softly smile: “I love coming to your blog… It’s like a warm fuzzy place I come to refill my heart… And because I adore your insight and all that you share, I nominate you for the Liebster award.”

It’s funny, over the years of “knowing” Thich Nhat Hanh (I would love to go to Plum Village someday), I incorporate his simple, beautiful and profound language into my heart and words.  He often talks about being a “Dear One” — treating each part of ourselves as a ‘dear one.’

My mom also suggested using this language with our children: “My dear son” and “my dear daughter” in the moment of when I’m feeling pretty stressed and wanting to use a harsh tone.  It’s a reminder, a meditation bell ringing in my head, to wake up and become mindful of my tone and the words I use to call on my little ones.

Thanks Mom, Thich Nhat Hanh, and Julie.

And to all us almost or already-there “forty-something” women, check out Julie’s blog.  I was mesmerized by these words of hers that so resonated with where I am at in my own season in life:

“I am stepping out of my comfort zone and taking my life in the direction that has always called to me but I was too afraid to follow for fear of rejection.  I am ready to embrace my sacred feminine and love myself completely.  I started this journey the day I was conceived, my first breath was the first on my journey, my first steps the first on my path, but… I let society dictate to me, I let family and friends form me, and inside my soul was suffocating.  It is my hope that other women will and can find the strength that is within her to hear the voice of our Sacred Mother whispering to her to love herself and to dance outside the flower-pot!”

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  1. Butterfly Julz
    Apr 26, 2012 @ 10:47:15

    Much love and warm blessings… You are such an inspiration and a guiding light for all to see, thank you for shinning as bright as you.


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